Sanaga Box

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Introducing the exquisite Sanaga Box – a true masterpiece in decorative home decor! Boasting dimensions of 18Lx6Wx8H, this stunning resin box is adorned with an opulent gold handle and features a removable lid for easy access. Its sleek rectangular shape is complemented by a luxurious wood interior, while its mesmerizing pattern showcases captivating hues of brown and gold. Elevate your living space with confidence as you place this unforgettable treasure on display. Get ready to bask in the glory of the Sanaga Box's unrivaled beauty – where elegance meets perfection!

  • A decorative box in brown and gold hues completes a space with its bold modern style.
  • This rectangle storage box features a gold handle and removable lid which provides a striking balance between function and design.
  • Use for storage or just display as decorative object on shelves and tabletops.
  • MDF interior.