Vintage Velvet Round Bag- CC Pink

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IKAT weaving has been termed the "Poetry of the Loom"
that yields magnificent complex patterns. But did you know
that IKAT weaving also has a spiritual element closely
associated with it? In fact a completed IKAT design is
considered a powerful cloth imbued with the ability to heal,
cure and protect.
In ancient times the fine quality of Indian Ikat became so
popular it was used as currency on the famous "Silk Route".
Today in modern times we have brought this powerful design
with all its mystical symbolism into our newest collection of
Crazy Cow handbags...not just a beautiful bright
bag but aslo a little piece of magic in your home and closet
as well.
We love the magical history of IKAT designs and think
you will too!
Each bag is hand crafted in Rajasthan by women exclusively for
Randi & Will Collection.
12" width x 18" height
18 inch shoulder strap
handmade by women in Rajasthan
100% cotton repurposed vintage fabric 
fully lined yellow colored rustic cotton fabric